Here Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Installing Camera Security Systems

Modern technology has its obvious limitations which end up making it a double edged sword. Meaning that while technology offers numerous advantages to human life but its limitations also end up causing its fair share of disadvantages too. However, the ultimate decision regarding the use of modern technology lies in the conclusion as to whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or not. The same rule is applied towards camera surveillance systems for enhancing home security and commercial security cameras Melbourne. This article will discuss both advantages and disadvantages of the mentioned technology and conclude as to whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or vice versa.

Let’s start off with the advantages of installing camera surveillance systems lie in its basic function which is to record any unwanted or criminal activities that end up causing harm to the owners of the facility where such best alarm monitoring in Melbourne are installed. Regardless of the fact that whether such surveillance systems are placed out in the open or as discreetly as possible, such technology will function to provide you with a closer watch over what happens when you are not around. This provides the owners of a facility such as an office space or their actual homes with a reassuring method of reviewing the activities of others and concluding if any unwanted acts or unlawful crimes have been conducted by others. Similarly, such surveillance footage is captured in order to provide proof regarding the actions of others which can be ultimately provided to the court of law in order to prosecute any criminal(s). This allows the court of law to justly provide appropriate actions to take place including sentencing an appropriate consequence for those who have unjustly acted against others. Furthermore, company owners can ensure that their employees remain dedicated and enhance their productivity by applying surveillance cameras as no worker will willingly slack off if their actions are being closely monitored by their superiors. Hence, this provides the management with a sure shot method of ensuring that their workers do their jobs properly and no resource of the company is unjustly wasted due to the low efforts of company workers.

Speaking of the disadvantages of implementing camera surveillance systems around office and homes, the greatest compromise that has to be made in such situation is in regards to the privacy that is offered to people around. The fact that such technology is used to monitor and keep a closer watch over others can result in misuse and unethical controversies, especially in cases of professional or corporate setups. There have been countless cases where such employees have been victims of sexual harassment due to such camera surveillance without having their consent. Not only does such events result in exploiting others but such victims can also sue a company due to its unethical acts, resulting in expensive and time consuming law suits. Furthermore, the running and maintenance of such camera surveillance systems can escalate over time which can be a greater concern for home based set ups as compared to offices and corporate setups.

Based on these points, we believe that everyone should carefully conclude whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of installing camera security systems before deciding to install such technology around a facility or area in the first place.