Why Laptops Are The Most Popular Type Of Computer

Since computers were introduced commercially, they have been adopted at a high rate. It made many things easier. From corporations to individuals, everyone wanted a computer. It multiplied productivity. Today, every office uses computers for their business. It is one of the biggest technological advancements and has enabled us to move forward. The first computers built were big as a room. This definitely is not suitable for office use. Thereafter, when research and development, smaller yet powerful computers were produced. Comparatively, the smartphones we used today is more powerful than a computer that filled a room a few decades ago. Soon, computer became small enough to fit under a table which made a household item.

Most people noticed that this wasn’t enough. Since there was no internet at the time, people couldn’t take their work with them. They had to return to their computer to do any work. Due to this, they wanted a more portable version of the desktop. This led to the creation of the laptop. When the laptop was first made, it wasn’t as powerful, fast or good as a desktop. Further, it was heavy and extremely bulky to use. People still saw it as a step ahead. Now they were able to carry it with them where ever they wanted to. They didn’t rely on battery power because the laptop would only last a short while. Over time as manufacturers saw the potential of the laptop, began making the device more efficient and smaller. Today, we have laptops that are unbelievably thin and fast. Laptops are so popular, most businesses have replaced then with desktops. Further, laptop sales have far surpassed desktop sales.One of the main reasons laptops have surpassed desktops in sales is due to their portability. Desktops are fixed computers.

All the components are big and covered with a best computer cases. It is meant to be used in one place. Laptops on the other hand are made to be carries around at all times. Due to this, you can work anywhere with a laptop. This is a big advantage as most people prefer to carry their computers with them. It makes it much easier to use them.Along with the portability, laptops don’t have to be connected to a computer power supply unit all the time. It can run on battery power for a few hours. This another major advantage because laptops can be used where there’s no power supply to be found. You can use it when travelling, siting on a park bench or even when having a coffee at a restaurant. Due to these reasons laptops are always preferred over desktops. This has made them the most popular type of computers available. This can be seen by the high sales laptops enjoy over any other computational device other than smartphones.